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"Hiring a doula wasn’t originally part of our birth plan, but when we realized our baby may be quite large and there was a chance for a less straightforward delivery due to a couple pre-existing conditions (high bp and an eye disease) we decided having an extra individual outside of our family who wasn’t going to be as emotionally impacted by a potential emergency or change in the birth plan may be just the ticket to keep us calm and focused.
Maryssa served us well in this role. She was always timely for appointments prior to the labor and cane right over to meet us on the induction day. When pushing took 5 hours, she kept calm, put compresses on my head, spoke empowering words to keep me going and checked in with my husband who was obviously very nervous about the circumstances. All ended up well but I do wonder what the situation would look like if Maryssa wasn’t with us.
I can imagine there would have been more stress, less confidence and who knows if a vaginal birth would have been possible. We are so pleased to have hired her and would highly recommend her to friends and family."

Yvette R. 

"Having Maryssa as our doula was the best decision we could have made for our birthing experience. She was so attentive throughout labor. She provided guidance to my partner. She communicated very well with the medical personnel and advocated for me in accordance to my birth plan. She made great suggestions for comfort measures.
Overall, we are thankful to have her and look forward to having her involved in our next pregnancy."

Britta L.

"Maryssa was our doula for the birth of our first daughter. I can't imagine doing our labor and birth again without her. She met with us a couple of times before our due date with resources and tools to help us. Not only did she provide me with laboring tools, she provided my fiancé with resources and tools. She made sure to make herself available for whatever happens a few weeks before the due date.
My goal for this birth was to a have an unmedicated birth. She introduced me to hypnobirthing, which helped me achieve my goal of a natural and unmedicated birth. during the intense induction process, she was there with us and helped support me and my partner.
It was really reassuring having an extra support person during the hardest thing I've ever done. We couldn't have done it without her.
A couple of days after coming home, she came to our house to digest the labor and helped us out with breastfeeding tips.

If you want an empathetic, empowering, and supportive doula, hire Maryssa. She's knowledgeable and incredible. We love her."
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