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Postpartum Support

individual sessions

If you're not interested in an entire package, individual sessions are a great option if you're looking to connect on specific topics.  

planning session:


(90 minutes)

1:1 virtual meeting to chat about:

  • Self-Care

  • Mental Health Support

  • Community Support

  • Visitors

  • Partner Roles

  • Rest &  Nutrition

  • Breastfeeding/Bottle Support

  • Sibling Care


hourly postpartum support

  • Light household tidying

  • Meal prep

  • Companionship 

  • Newborn care guidance

  • Feeding support

  • Support & resources on physical and emotional recovery after birth

  • Infant soothing & newborn sleep tips

  • Overnight options available (Overnight shift: 9pm-5am)

$40 - $50/hr

birth story processing

(90 minutes)

1:1 virtual meeting to chat about:

​1:1 virtual meeting dedicated to supporting anyone that experienced a birth (birthing person, partner, family member, or support person). Using dialogue, active listening, and create exercises, this session can provide a feeling of clarity and healing. 




  • 16 hours of postpartum care

  • Newborn care guidance

  • Physical recovery support

  • Emotional recovery support 

  • 1-2 Birth Story Processing Session

  • Sibling care (if needed) 

  • Meal prep 

  • Daytime & nightime options available 



This option may be best for those looking for on-going support throughout their pregnancy experience. You are welcome to schedule a phone or zoom session anytime you'd like to explore a topic or question more deeply. 


Monthly membership

Support during prenatal and/or postpartum stage(s)

  • 24/7 support via text

  •  Access to evidence-based resources

  •  Support finding local experts/resources

  • Help determine best time to head to the hospital

  • Newborn care guidance

  • Receive guidance with advocacy language



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